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20 AED / day



Everything you need if you are visiting Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

  • Unlimited access to Supperclubs 5-Star restaurants, spas, hotels and attractions
  • Unlimited Bookings/ Unlimited Guests/ Unlimited Discounts

You will not find these discounts, upgrades and add-ons anywhere else.  Enjoy!



  • CAN I BUY THIS NOW AND ACTIVATE IT LATER? Yes, if you are not traveling to Dubai/Abu Dhabi now, then you can purchase this visitor pass now and email us at when you are ready to activate it.
  • DOES EVERYONE NEED THEIR OWN MEMBERSHIP? No, one single membership is good for you and everybody in your booking party.  The discount applies to everyone in your booking!
  • HOW DO I USE THE VISITOR PASS?  Once your visitor pass is activated, you will be able to make a booking for any of the offers you see here.  That booking goes directly to the venue and when you arrive they will automatically apply the mentioned discount, upgrade or freebie to your bill!

Discounts/Upgrades/Add-On’s available at:


7 reviews for recurring payment membership

  1. Sanja

    I used this to book afternoon tea at Palazzo Versace for 4 of us (saved around $120 just by booking through Supperclub…wow). Totally awesome..can’t wait to tell my friends I had tea at Versace haha.

    I wish I used it more though, I just didn’t check all the amazing places it had on it. I could have kept more money in my wallet 🙂

  2. Jason

    I activated my pass but then our travel plans changed, but Supperclub was super fast in responding and changed our dates of the pass activation no problem. I wish all customer support was this fast

  3. Naureen

    I bought the pass in February and I didn’t use it until March 10. So, it was active from March 10 for the next 2 weeks and me, my husband and 3 kids (3-9yrs) all had an amazing time. Without Supperclub, we would have probably went to some ok restaurants. I’m so glad my freind told me about this.

  4. Teresa

    Amazing concept. Loved everything about this. Customer support was extremely helpful! That is so hard to find these days. Thank you Supperclub!

  5. Mohamed

    a necessity if you’re flying into Dubai

  6. Janna

    I havn’t been able to find Atlantis discounts anywhere else but here. Amazing! So glad I found this.

  7. David H

    I paid around $10 for this and my entire family got the discount at the Westin brunch and Emirates Palace pool and beach. It’s the best discount option I’ve found for Dubai (and Abu Dhabi) and I travel here A LOT. highly recommended

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