How does it work?

1) JOIN:  Purchase your membership and unlock all the special Supperclub discounts.  

2) BOOK:  From the  5-Star Discounts section, choose the deal you want and complete your booking in a couple clicks.  **You must be logged in to see the booking calendar**  

3) ENJOY:  Show up and enjoy.  When you are presented with the bill, you will notice you are only charged a portion of the normal price.  This is the exclusive Supperclub pricing.  No discussions, no vouchers, no codes.  Simple and sophisticated.


Why should I book using Supperclub?
  1. Some of the offers you will not be able to find anywhere else
  2. EVERY SINGLE booking you make on Supperclub enters you in the monthly draw for a FREE experience (usually a brunch or pool & beach access worth over AED 150).
  3. You don’t have to spend any time on the phone waiting or giving all of your details to make the reservation.  Just book in a couple seconds on Supperclub.

COMPLIMYSTERY is a Supperclub coined term for mystery bookings that will receive a complimentary experience for 2 people!  Every month, one lucky person that has completed a paid booking on Supperclub will receive a complimentary dinner for 2 people!  Click here for more information.

I am a FAB cardholder, what special benefits do I get?

FAB Cardholders get unlimited access to selected Supperclub offers without paying a membership fee.  You will only pay per offer that you would like to book.  You may book as much as you want and bring along as many guests as you would like.   Everybody in your party will receive the indicated discount and you simply pay with your FAB card at the venue.

To access your offers, you must click the link that is sent to you by FAB either by sms or email.  

    I joined...now what?
    1. Login here
    2. Check your offers here
    3. Complete you booking from the calender under the offer of your choice

    Remember, you can book for unlimited guests and everybody in your booking gets the same discount!

    You can even book just for your freinds!

    What makes Supperclub different?
    • We only partner with 5-star, premium restaurants, spas and hotels.
    • Most of our partner rates are exclusive to Supperclub and cannot be found elsewhere.
    • Members have access to unlimited discounts all year.  Want to go the same brunch every weekend and pay half price with Supperclub?  Great.  Please do that.
    • All guests accompanying a member receive the same Supperclub discount.  Bring your friends and neighbors, everybody is getting the Supperclub price!
    • Members have no card to carry, no code to type, no voucher to present.  Once you make a booking from your Supperclub account, the venue is expecting you and knows to charge you the special Supperclub discounted price.


    How many people can I book for in the same reservation?

    It depends on the venue.  Many of them allow for unlimited guests in the same booking and others have a maximum of 8 or 10 people per booking.  If you have a large gathering and want to double check the venue can accomidate you before booking, email us at reservations@supperclubme.com  We will let you know if your venue can accept your large booking at the Supperclub price or we may give you some alternative venues.

    Is there a limit on bookings or how many guests will get the discount?

    How many bookings can I make?

    Unlimited.  Your membership gives you full access to make as many reservations as often as you would like throughout the entire year.  You may reserve for your self and your guests for any Supperclub offer anytime.  All your guests joining you for the experience will receive the same Supperclub discount as well!

      To see the full list of 5-star offers, click here.


      How many guests in my booking will get the Supperclub discount?

      ALL guests accompanying a Supperclub member in the same reservation get the same discount!

      Seriously?  Yes, seriously.

      Do I have to make a reservation in order to get the Supperclub discount?

      Yes, by making a booking through Supperclub, the venue receives confirmation that you are a Supperclub member and they will give you the discounted Supperclub price.  

      If you do show up without having pre-booked, you will be requested to log into your Supperclub account on the spot and complete a booking.  This is how the Supperclub partner will verify you are a member.

      Will my membership automatically renew?

      No, we do not save your credit card info.

      What is the booking fee and how can I avoid it?

      What is the booking fee for?

      The small booking fee is there to avoid last minute cancellations, which become extremely inconvenient to our hotel partners as they reserve the spot just for Supperclub members.

      If you need to reschedule your booking, you can do that without incurring another booking fee by contacting the venue directly or email reservations@supperclubme.com with your new date

      If the venue is unable to accept your booking and you do not want to reschedule for another date, you will receive a refund of your booking fee.

      How can I avoid the booking fee?

      If you are an avid Supperclub member and make at least 2 bookings per month, you may want to consider upgrading to the Platinum membership here so your booking fees will dissapear.

      Can I book directly with the venue?

      The only way to get the Supperclub discount is by booking on Supperclub.  Once you book, the venue receives an email with your contact information and that verifies you as a Supperclub member entitled to the discount.  

      How do you book on Supperclub?

      1. Login here
      2. Check your offers here
      3. Complete you booking from the calender under the offer of your choice

      Not a member yet?  Join here

      Am I guaranteed the booking date that I choose?

      Once you make a booking, in most cases the Supperclub partner venue will usually call or email you to re-confirm your reservation details.  In rare cases, if your selected date is fully booked, the venue with notify you and your can choose another date directly with them.  


      How do I cancel or change my reservation?

      If you need to change the date or the number of people in your booking , please submit a new booking from Supperclub and mention in the ‘Special Request’ field that it is an update to the previous booking.

      If you need to cancel your booking, please simply email us at reservations@supperclubme.com.


      Are there blackout days?

      We do our best to ensure most offers are valid all the time, excluding public holidays.

      Why can't I make a booking for some offers?

      Once you become a member, you will see the booking calenders for each offer and you can make as many reservations as you would like.

      If you can see the calender but certain dates are blocked out, that is simply because the offer is unavailable for booking on those days.  If you think the calender booking options are incorrect for any offer, please let us know at reservations@supperclubme.com and we will double check it for you.

      Do you have an affiliate program?

      Yes.  You will earn 30AED for every 12 month membership purchase and 20AED for every 6 month memberhip purchased using your unique referral link.  Not applicable to purchases using promo codes.  Payouts are applicable on paid full price memberships.

      There is no limit on your earnings from affiliate sales.  You may earn as much or as frequently as you would like.  For more information about the affiliate program, check here.

      Need Help? Contact Us

      For questions about becoming a member or general inquiries email support@supperclubme.com

      For help with bookings, email reservations@supperclubme.com

      Can I cancel my membership?

      If you would like your membership cancelled, please let us know.  However, the membership fee is non refundable.  Alternatively, please reach out to our booking team for assistance or suggesstions with upcoming bookings.

      Drop Us a Line

      Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!